Management Plan

School plan 2015 -2017 (pdf 565 KB)

Casino Public School - School plan 2015 - 2017

revised for 2016


Casino Public School is a Pre-school to Year 6 primary school and is situated in the rural township of Casino. The students are from diverse backgrounds with a wide range of abilities and achievements represented in each year group. Aboriginal students represent 24% of enrolments. The Special Education Support Unit is made up of an IM class and three support classes. The school is organised into five teams, four stage teams and the Support Unit team. Each team is led by an Assistant Principal with the support of a Deputy Principal, two Instructional Leaders and the Principal.

The school is a member of the Hub of Summerland Learning Community of Schools that also includes Casino West Public School and Casino High School. As a community of schools we have embraced the Stronger Smarter Institute's way of thinking and philosophy in developing relationships and connections within and across our schools and community, such as the Casino Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. We aim to grow the relationships and connections being developed in the Casino community that are supporting high expectations for our students.

Our school culture is one of high expectations for achievement, a shared sense of responsibility for student engagement, learning development and success. Positive respectful relationships underpinning productive learning environments are supporting students developing their identities as learners.   Expectations are formed around the syllabus standards framework, the capabilities of the individual child and the school's values.